IT Services For Your Industry

We provide cloud services, consulting and managed IT services to organizations who want to accelerate their business transformation in the cloud. Here are some of the industries we work with.


We’ve helped accountancy firms and CPAs make the most of their IT systems to be at the forefront of digital transformation.


We support both K-12 and higher educational institutions harness technology to transform the learning experience.

Financial Services

We’ve helped various financial institutions become more secure, compliant and efficient with their technology.

Government Administration

We’ve helped multiple government entities modernize their IT. Learn how we have helped government administrations across the country.

Health Care

We work with some of the largest healthcare organizations in Canada to help them transform digitally so that they can focus on patient care.


We provide insurance companies the IT services they need to secure their data, meet industry standards and compliance requirements while controlling costs.

Investment Management

We work with investment management companies to help them leverage technology to turn challenges into opportunity.


We deliver IT services to law firms to help them boost productivity while mitigating risk and protecting data.

Mining & Energy

We help mining and energy companies tackle large innovative IT initiatives in a timely and cost-effective way.


We deliver a wide range of IT services to non-profits and charities to improve operations and increase efficiency.

Real Estate

We help real estate businesses improve IT operations to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies and stay competitive in an ever-changing world.

Paper & Forest Products

Learn how we’ve helped paper & forest companies streamline and optimize their IT environment for better outcomes.

Renewables & Environment

Learn how we help renewables & environmental companies accelerate their digital transformation.

Paper & Forest Products

See how we have been helping power & utilities organizations become more efficient while taking full advantage of their IT investment.


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