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Protect your company from online risks

Fast, free-flowing communications are the lifeblood of businesses big and small. And for most businesses, email is the main means of communicating with clients, vendors and employees. But as you know, email systems are often targeted by hackers and scammers. If you don’t have the proper protection in place, your business is vulnerable to online attacks including spam, phishing, viruses and other malware.

Our Email and Spam Protection solutions protect your business from email-borne threats and data leaks by managing and filtering all inbound and outbound email traffic.

Email and Spam Protection from LITSIP will:

  • Protect against email-borne threats – stop spam, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware BEFORE they arrive in your inbox
  • Stop threats before they hit your network – by offloading CPU-intensive tasks like antivirus and Denial of Service filtering to the cloud to ensure that threats never reach your network perimeter
  • Ensure continuous email availability – in case of an outage, email is spooled for up to 96 hours, with an option to re-direct traffic to a secondary server
  • Protect sensitive data – encrypt sensitive emails on demand so that they cannot be viewed by outside parties
  • Simplify email security – cloud-based centralized management ensures that customized email protection is deployed in minutes and securing your email 24/7

Email and Spam Protection solutions from LITSIP mean that your business can enjoy a highly reliable email system without being exposed to malicious attacks and compromised security.

Given that the average user is not aware of the risks that opening attachments can have nor understand how to identify potential threats in their inbox, while faced with the ever increasing sophisticated threats to email security, let us help you safeguard your business communications today.

Areas covered:

Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary

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